Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream

We were delighted to try Craig’s vegan ice cream, special-ordered from LA and shipped to Southern Oregon. Craig’s Killa’ Vanilla (“Classic Vanilla Infused With Madagascar Vanilla Bean”) is perfection. It’s creamy and very flavorful, with little specks of vanilla bean. It beautifully topped the apple pie pictured in the background, above. The other flavor we … Read more

Partake vegan cookies

We were delighted to find this vegan cookie company, Partake Foods — whose products are not only vegan but allergy friendly all around — and also to find that the cookies are wonderful. We ordered more than a dozen boxes, some of which we gifted to fellow vegans and cookie lovers, but we did sample … Read more

Hakuna Banana Ice Cream

Along with Totes Oats, Hakuna Banana offers myriad vegan options; whereas Totes Oats is oatmilk-based, this variety is made of bananas. Of the varieties at our local grocery, we opted for Choco Choco Chip (other flavors include strawberry, peanut butter chip, and “banilla”). The Choco Choco Chip flavor has a slightly icy texture and isn’t … Read more