Miyoko’s Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic

As always, Miyoko’s does an amazing job with vegan cheese. This Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic is no exception. This magnificent cheese (oops, I meant cultured nut product) is bursting with flavor, and its consistency is as lovely and creamy as other Miyoko’s cheeses we’ve tried. I love this on bread and crackers (a meal … Read more

Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese

This Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese is the hard aged cheese all vegans have been waiting for. While this cheese is a little softer than an aged parmesan, it’s just as flavorful and a bit creamier (and best yet, environmentally friendly and cruelty free). This Treeline Classic Aged Nut Cheese comes in a small … Read more

Vtopian Macadamia and Cashew Camembert

Our latest adventures in vegan cheese tasting include Vtopian artisan cheeses, based out of Eugene, Oregon. First we sampled Vtopian’s Macadamia and Cashew Camembert. This cheese is smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet. Dana picked up our Vtopian cheeses at Portland’s Food Fight Grocery…but you can also order Vtopian online. And follow Vtopian on Twitter (@VtopianCheeses) … Read more

Treeline’s French-style cheeses

Though we covered these French-style nut cheeses as part of another post, we wanted to be sure to give them a little more attention, as they are fantastic. So far, our local groceries have only Herb-Garlic flavor (we’ve had to venture out of town for the Scallion) — so while we’re hoping they branch out, … Read more

Field Roast CHAO slices – Tomato Cayenne

When we last posted about CHAO slices, we had not yet tried the best one of all: Tomato Cayenne. This flavor is by far the best … it’s spicy and very flavorful, and it melts beautifully on veggie burgers. Thanks to its robust flavor, it also tastes far better than the other CHAO slices on … Read more

Food Fight’s cheese selection…

A visit to Portland isn’t complete without a visit to Food Fight…and now I must also add the fact that a visit will not be complete unless I have a large cooler and a straight trip home. The abundance of vegan cheeses I wanted to try is amazing… I have yet to see a camembert … Read more

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