Daiya cream cheese

Most vegans are well aware of Daiya and its vast and yummy selection of vegan cheeses; this company provides many vegan staples…like cream cheese.

DaiyaI’ve sampled many vegan cream cheeses out there, and I’ve found Daiya to be the best so far (same goes for its shreds, which melt very well and are rich and cheesy).

Now, back to cream cheese.

Daiya bagelWhile many vegan cream cheeses are either dry, or weirdly textured, or flavorless, Daiya’s is smooth, creamy, and has that tangy cream-cheese flavor. The plain cream cheese version is a bit too sweet for me, but the chive-and-onion version is just right. (It also comes in strawberry, which I imagine is very good for those who like their  cream cheese on the sweet side.)