Food Fight’s cheese selection…

A visit to Portland isn’t complete without a visit to Food Fight…and now I must also add the fact that a visit will not be complete unless I have a large cooler and a straight trip home. The abundance of vegan cheeses I wanted to try is amazing…

onion camembert

I have yet to see a camembert -style cheese in another grocery store, so I can’t wait to try what Vtopian offers.

chive & dill

For those not within reasonable distance of Food Fight, visit the Vtopian website, where you can order these magnificent cheeses online.


The Vtopian site offers an even greater selection — including a maple seitan cheeseball and dark chocolate strawberry brie, for the adventurous and sweet-toothed — but to me, these basics look far more appealing.


Vtopian is, not surprisingly, based in vegan-friendly Eugene, Oregon — all cheeses are hand-crafted from organic ingredients.

sharp cheddar

Vtopian cheeses are mostly cashew-based, but I am looking forward to sampling this macadamia-nut cheese, in this camembert below.


If you’re in Portland, visit and support Food Fight — and if not, look for these delicious cheeses here.

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