Treeline’s French-style cheeses

Though we covered these French-style nut cheeses as part of another post, we wanted to be sure to give them a little more attention, as they are fantastic.

Treeline Herb-Garlic

So far, our local groceries have only Herb-Garlic flavor (we’ve had to venture out of town for the Scallion) — so while we’re hoping they branch out, we’re still very happy with whatever Treeline cheese is readily available. If you’re looking for a Boursin-style vegan cheese, this is it.

Treeline scallion

These nut cheeses (made from Brazilian cashews) are smooth, creamy, flavorful, and just about perfect (especially given they have zero cholesterol and zero cruelty). Visit Treeline’s FAQ  and  Why We’re Dairy Free pages for more on the benefits. And meanwhile: enjoy.


There are two new flavors now available — Chipotle Serrano Pepper and Green Peppercorn, so we hope to get our hands on these soon…