Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese

This Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese is the hard aged cheese all vegans have been waiting for.


While this cheese is a little softer than an aged parmesan, it’s just as flavorful and a bit creamier (and best yet, environmentally friendly and cruelty free).

This Treeline Classic Aged Nut Cheese comes in a small package, but this is for the best: its richness and intense flavor make it difficult to eat too much at once.

IMG_8434This cheese is delicious sliced on crackers, but I especially love it shredded and added to any pasta dish. (Be sure to check out the smokey mushroom risotto recipe on Treeline’s website.)


The cheese can be shredded even finer for a more parmesan-like experience, but for me, the thick shreds are great (the more, the better).

Check back soon — I saw that Treeline has added new flavors, and we’ll do our best to get our hands on them as soon as humanly possible.