Vtopian Caramelized Onion Camembert

Today we present Vtopian‘s Caramelized Onion Camembert.

caramelized onionThis cheese wedge, thanks to its caramelized onion topping, is quite sweet and would make a great dessert cheese.

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In general, we noticed that Vtopian cheeses have a longer list of ingredients than either Treeline or Mikoyo’s (which generally have under ten ingredients), and the sweetness in this wedge seems to come from the soy-based yogurt. Despite the sweetness of this cheese, the total sugar is less than 1 gram per 1-ounce serving. And the major ingredients of Vtopian cheeses are organic.


We had a lovely vegan-friendly wine — Guenoc Victorian Claret — which, thanks to its complexity and spice, made a great pairing with this sweetish cheese.


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