Heidi Ho “Ne Chèvre”

We recently found the Heidi Ho brand of artisan cheeses and were delighted to give them a try. We sampled two different kinds of “Ne Chèvre” — Pure, and Black Lava.

Heidi Ho

The Pure version was bland and flavorless. The texture was not perfectly smooth — which is not unlike my memory of goat cheese, though it’s been a while — but this made the cheese a bit less appetizing.


Much tastier was the Black Lava version, which had a layer of crushed hazelnut and black salt about halfway through.

Heidi Ho2

Stirred throughout the cheese, this layer greatly enhanced the flavor, giving it a lovely nutty flavor. This cheese was also much richer than the plain “Ne Chèvre.”


We’re not sure we’d go out of our way for either of these cheeses again, but Heidi Ho seems better known for its Chia Cheezes, which we’re eager to try; these come in creamy, spicy, and smoky flavors and look both delicious and versatile. Stay tuned!

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