Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf

Miyoko’s insanely popular Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf has been sold out for months — so, when we saw that it was finally in stock, we pounced.


This cheese is gorgeously packaged — if you need something to take to a summer dinner party, this is it.

Wrapped in organic-vegan-wine-cured fig leaves, this cheese is cashew based and unbelievably smooth and creamy — not thick and “chewy” like a brie but lightly and delicately creamy.


The flavor is sharp, with a tinge of sweetness, and according to its description on Miyoko’s website, it is supposed to get even sharper as it ages. (Wish we could tell you more about that … but Miyoko’s cheeses do not last long enough around here to age.)

IMG_9681We hope you’ll give this one a try while it’s available — and remember, for the month of June, Miyoko’s will 1% of its online sales Vegan Outreach. Not that you need a reason to order this delicious cheese…