Miyoko’s Smoked Chive Farmhouse

Because we’re such huge fans of Miyoko’s Double Cream Chive as well as Smoked Farmhouse, we couldn’t resist this limited edition Smoked Chive Farmhouse.


This lovely cheese is far more smoky than chivey, and for those who love a bit of smoke, this one tastes even smokier than the regular Smoked Farmhouse. It’s a firm cheese, more sliceable than spreadable, and while it was terrific on crusty bread, it would also be very tasty on any sandwich or chopped/shredded into a salad.


Because it’s a limited edition cheese, don’t miss your chance to order. And, as if you need a reason to eat this yummy vegan cheese, Miyoko’s will donate 1% of online sales this June to Vegan Outreach.