Kite Hill Soft Fresh Original

This Kite Hill almond milk cheese has a lovely, rich, nutty flavor. However, its clammy, slightly rubbery texture doesn’t make it the best cheese for spreading onto crackers. The Kite Hill website suggests that this cheese can “be served warm with fresh bread or crostini” — and warming it up might be a good way … Read more

Heidi Ho Smoky Chia

After trying Heidi Ho’s Ne Chevre, we were looking forward to sampling the melty cheeses that Heidi Ho seems best known for. The first one we’ve had the opportunity to try was the Smoky Chia Cheeze, which was available at the local food co-op. The nice thing about this cheese is that its ingredients are … Read more

Miyoko’s Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash

We admit we put off trying Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash because it seemed a little strange — a cheese covered in black ash? And indeed, it looks a little odd… We half-expected the cheese to be a little gritty, or to have a smoky or charcoal flavor. However,  the black ash is so fine that … Read more

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