Heidi Ho Smoky Chia

After trying Heidi Ho’s Ne Chevre, we were looking forward to sampling the melty cheeses that Heidi Ho seems best known for. The first one we’ve had the opportunity to try was the Smoky Chia Cheeze, which was available at the local food co-op.


The nice thing about this cheese is that its ingredients are few and mostly organic. This version is advertised on the Heidi Ho website as a base for pizza, as well as for artichoke dip, au gratin potatoes, or fettuccine alfredo.


Yet the cheese wasn’t as creamy as we’d hoped — the texture was a bit grainy, and the flavor was a little chalky as well. It did have a nice smoky flavor, but it didn’t have the feel of “real cheese” that so many vegans are looking for.


While we love the idea of having a ready-made vegan pizza base or pasta sauce, this flavor didn’t quite measure up. Yet Heidi Ho does have other flavors, and we’re always up for tasting something new.

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