Kite Hill Soft Fresh Original

This Kite Hill almond milk cheese has a lovely, rich, nutty flavor.

Kite Hill 1

However, its clammy, slightly rubbery texture doesn’t make it the best cheese for spreading onto crackers.


The Kite Hill website suggests that this cheese can “be served warm with fresh bread or crostini” — and warming it up might be a good way to go. Served cold, the cheese doesn’t spread well; it’s far too crumbly … yet we did find that it makes a nice foundation for bruschetta; the tomato mixture holds the crumbles in place, and the creaminess of the cheese is delicious.


This Soft Fresh Original reminds me of ricotta, but Kite Hill actually has another ricotta-style cheese, which we haven’t been able to find locally yet.

This Soft Fresh Original is also a great vegan cheese for sprinkling over salads … it enhances lettuce and veggies with its rich, creamy, subtle, savory flavor.

Kte H 1

So while this isn’t the best cheese for spreading on crackers straight out of the fridge, if you’re looking for a nice crumbly vegan cheese for myriad other purposes, check out Kite Hill Soft Fresh Original.