Follow Your Heart Garden Herb Slices (& Millie’s gelato)

We are huge fans of Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (especially in Chipotle, which not only makes any sandwich or veg burger taste incredible, but is also a delicious dipping sauce for just about anything) as well as its salad dressings (the Ranch is amazing), but we haven’t yet tried many of its cheeses. Today we … Read more

Kite Hill Brie

This Kite Hill cheese is called “Artisan Almond Milk Product – Soft Ripened.” In other words, it’s vegan brie. And it’s delicious. This soft, creamy, melt-in-your mouth vegan cheese has the tangy, ripened flavor of real brie — as well as the texture. It has a sharp rind and a rich, creamy interior. I highly … Read more

Vtopian Aged White Cheddar

Of the Vtopian cheeses we’ve tried so far, this one was our favorite. The pepper gives this cheddar-flavored cheese a bit of a kick, and ironically we found this aged white cheddar to be sharper in flavor than Vtopian’s sharp cheddar (unlike the sharp cheddar and the caramelized onion camembert, this cheese contains no soy … Read more

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