Vtopian Aged White Cheddar

Of the Vtopian cheeses we’ve tried so far, this one was our favorite.

V aged white

The pepper gives this cheddar-flavored cheese a bit of a kick, and ironically we found this aged white cheddar to be sharper in flavor than Vtopian’s sharp cheddar (unlike the sharp cheddar and the caramelized onion camembert, this cheese contains no soy yogurt and doesn’t have the sweetness of the other two).

aged white

While this delicious cheese is firm and easy to slice, it also softens nicely to spread on bread or crackers.

aged white cheddar

If you’re looking for a yummy, soft cheddar, we highly recommend this one. And not only can you buy online, but Vtopian is expanding into stores all over the west; click here to find these cheeses in a shop near you.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this brand, but it sounds great! I went to the Vtopian website, and have just discovered a vegan grocery that I didn’t know about, which carries the brand. Pretty awesome.

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