Miyoko’s Pub Crock Cheddar with Onions

Now that winter is on its way — as well as the holidays — it’s time to think of what sort of cheese you can curl up with, as well as serve to guests. Miyoko’s Pub Crock Cheddar with Onions is another terrific Miyoko’s creation. This cheese comes not in a wheel like so many … Read more

Parmela Creamy Treenut Original

We finally found Parmela cheeses locally, which is a beautiful thing. (We tasted Parmela’s creamy black pepper a while back, which we’d found in another state.) This creamy treenut original is simple but has a nice light, fresh flavor. While it’s not as flavorful as other spreadable cheeses, it’s really lovely and would be especially … Read more

Daiya Medium Cheddar Farmhouse Block

When we saw this in the grocery, we thought it might be a new Daiya variety. As it turns out, Daiya has simply updated its packaging (less plastic) and perhaps the recipe as well (“medium” is new to the label, which was formerly just “cheddar style block”). This is a wonderful cheese block and perfect … Read more

Heidi Ho Creamy Chia Cheeze

While we didn’t love Heidi Ho’s Smoky Chia Cheeze, we thought we’d try the creamy version. We found this to be very much the same — not very cheeselike in texture, but it had a very nice flavor. Because the label says this cheese sauce can be served hot or cold, we tried it cold … Read more

Daiya New York Cheezecake

Okay, this New York style cheesecake from Daiya is the best thing ever. As someone who used to love cheesecake in my pre-vegan days, I figured I’d said my last good-byes when I gave up dairy. And, given what I’d learned about the dairy industry, I was completely okay with that. And then, this. Hello … Read more

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