Parmela Creamy Treenut Original

We finally found Parmela cheeses locally, which is a beautiful thing. (We tasted Parmela’s creamy black pepper a while back, which we’d found in another state.)


This creamy treenut original is simple but has a nice light, fresh flavor. While it’s not as flavorful as other spreadable cheeses, it’s really lovely and would be especially tasty used on bagels as a replacement for cream cheese.


And keep an eye out for other Parmela products. Parmela used to make a parmesan-style cheese we loved, though apparently it’s been discontinued, and I haven’t seen anything other than the spreadable cheeses in stores. You can order through Parmela’s website — but the site offers only brief descriptions of the cheeses, with no photos or ingredients lists. And, confusingly, Parmela’s grocery request form lists cheeses that are not on the website at all. But, here’s hoping all this gets sorted out because we’d love to try each and every one of these cheeses.

2 thoughts on “Parmela Creamy Treenut Original”

  1. This is one of my favorites. I actually just tried the Parmela shredded mozzerella, because I am a huge fan of this flavor and the black pepper spread. I tried to make nachos with the mozerella, and it didn’t really melt unfortunately. But their spreadable varieties are fantastic!

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