Daiya Chocolate Cheezecake

First, happy National Cheese Lovers Day (who knew?). We are glad to be able to celebrate with such delicious, healthy, and compassionate options, and we hereby thank all those who are bringing such delicious vegan cheeses to the marketplace. And, since we’re celebrating: Chocolate Cheesecake. A while back we reviewed Daiya’s New York Style cheezecake, … Read more

Soledad Truffle Oil, Garlic, and Dill

Of the cheeses we’ve sampled from the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, this one is my personal favorite. This Truffle Oil, Garlic and Dill spread was a bit watery (likely because the cheeses had arrived late and we’d had to freeze them before tasting), but it did freeze quite well and has a light, creamy texture. … Read more

Daiya Cheezy Mac

When we saw this easy-to-prepare Daiya Cheezy Mac on sale at the local grocery, we couldn’t resist. This mac-and-cheese is so easy, in part, because it doesn’t require any vegan butter or plant milks to prepare — all you need is in the box. And, for anyone with food sensitivities, this product is not only … Read more

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