Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter

Butter can be another one of those items that’s tough to veganize — as usual, Miyoko Schinner has outdone herself, and this Cultured Vegan Butter from Miyoko’s Creamery is the very best vegan butter we’ve had.

IMG_8110Probably the best thing about this butter is that it contains no palm oil, which is used by many vegan butters out there (if you don’t know why this is a problem, learn more here, and here).

But even better, this butter is absolutely delicious. It’s thick, creamy, and has just the right balance of salty and sweet. We chose to spread it onto warmed bread, where it melted beautifully, and it was perfect.

IMG_8116We imagine it would also be great to cook with, but it’s so amazingly good you could also just eat it with a spoon. Or, on bread, baked potatoes, popcorn….

This is another one of those popular Miyoko’s items that sells out very quickly, so pounce while you can. Even better, this month, Miyoko’s is donating a portion of online sales to the amazing organization Animal Place — so order soon!