Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream

It was rumored for a long time that Ben & Jerry’s would introduce vegan flavors — and they’re here! With summer on the way, we highly recommend stocking up on all these dairy-free flavors.


Made with almond milk, Ben & Jerry’s has four vegan flavors (so far), and all are absolutely divine.

  • Chunky Monkey (banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts)
  • P.B. & Cookies (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy peanut butter swirls)
  • Coffee Caramel Fudge (coffee ice cream with fudge chunks and caramel swirl)
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie (dark chocolate ice cream with fudge brownies).

All are delicious — the very favorite among us was Coffee Caramel Fudge, closely followed by P.B. & Cookies. And my personal favorite is Chocolate Fudge Brownie, which is just sinfully rich and delicious.

Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s for making this compassionate choice — this a great step forward for animal lovers, ice cream lovers, and especially for the cows!