Fabanaise Chipotle Mayo

We were delighted to see a new brand of chipotle vegan mayo out there and immediately brought home this jar of Fabanaise, a new vegan mayo that is made with aquafaba. Aquafaba is a miracle in vegan foods, especially for baking. Comprised of the liquid from cooked chick peas, its egglike quality makes it perfect … Read more

Daiya Cheezy Mac Deluxe Alfredo Style

After tasting Daiya’s Cheezy Mac Cheddar, we were intrigued by this Alfredo-style variety. Like the cheddar, this is quick and easy to fix (no more than 10 minutes), and the box contains everything you’ll need (well, except the boiling water). And because the macaroni is brown rice pasta, it’s gluten free. The sauce for this … Read more

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