Fabanaise Chipotle Mayo

We were delighted to see a new brand of chipotle vegan mayo out there and immediately brought home this jar of Fabanaise, a new vegan mayo that is made with aquafaba.


Aquafaba is a miracle in vegan foods, especially for baking. Comprised of the liquid from cooked chick peas, its egglike quality makes it perfect for certain recipes…and, apparently, for mayo.

And this vegan mayo, while a bit thin, does basically have the consistency of the real thing.


However, we wished the chipotle flavor had more of a kick. (The Vegenaise Chipotle Mayo from Follow Your Heart is still our favorite for its perfect consistency and kick.)

And while Sir Kensington’s has myraid other products available, be aware that not all of them are vegan, which is a shame. We hope to see their Dijonaise, Sriracha Mayonnaise, and other products available soon without eggs and with aquafaba instead.