Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bars

In our continuing ice-cream coverage during this sweltering summer…Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bars. This coconut-milk ice cream bar is as delicious as the dark chocolate ice cream that comes by the pint from Coconut Bliss — but of course, in the summer it’s fun to eat ice cream on a stick. And these bars feel … Read more

Nada Moo! coconut-milk ice cream

Since we are still in a heat wave, we sampled Nada Moo! coconut-milk ice cream, which came highly recommended by a fellow sweet tooth who says she’s never met a Nada Moo flavor she didn’t like. After tasting Nada Moo’s Cookies & Creme, we feel quite certain that we’d agree about all the other flavors. … Read more

Coconut Bliss Salted Caramel in Chocolate Bars

So, Coconut Bliss is not exactly cheese, but it’s in the triple digits here this week, and so we are eating much vegan ice cream. And we feel it’s our duty to inform you of the deliciousness of these coconut-milk ice-cream bars. Already huge fans of Coconut Bliss ice cream by the pint (which are … Read more

Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

While traveling this summer, we were able to find Kite Hill in local groceries, and we found a product we haven’t yet tried — its almond milk yogurts. (While this is officially a cheese-tasting blog, we’ve clearly been expanding to include all non-dairy vegan products — it’s a tough job, but we are here for … Read more

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