Miyoko’s cream cheese

As ever, Miyoko’s Creamery is always trying new and amazing things. We were thrilled to see a new cream cheese available, and we ordered it right away. (It’s not currently on the Miyoko’s website, but join the mailing list to be notified of new cheeses!)

miyokos-cream-cheeseThe cream cheese doesn’t have the smooth texture that others (such as Daiya) have, and it’s also quite sweet.

mcc2There’s a very pleasant nutty flavor, but there is also slightly chalky aftertaste. As one taster pointed out, “It doesn’t finish well.” In the end, we were split on the bagel factor, with half of us finding this new cream cheese lovely on bagels and the other half not so much.

m-ccIn the interest of further research (this is all for science, people), we decided to see how it would work in a recipe. The good news here is that it’s brilliant. Behold this double-layer, peanut butter-chocolate cheesecake (all vegan, naturally).

cheesecakeThis cheesecake turned out to be quite delicious — though keep in mind that this was a no-bake recipe, so we haven’t yet tried baking with this new Miyoko’s cream cheese. Still, given the success of this recipe, we’ll likely give it a try soon.

Most of all, you should give this new cream cheese a try yourself soon, and see what you think.