Parmela Aged Cheddar Shreds & Mozzarella

With a local grocer stocking these new cheeses from Parmela, a pizza party was clearly in order.

First, a few words about Parmela Creamery’s aged nut cheese — these cheddar shreds were delicious to eat out of the bag (which is not even close to true of most vegan shreds, most of which are waxy and/or taste very artificial). But these aged cheddar shreds, which are cashew-based, are flavorful and have a smooth, creamy texture.


We also tried Parmela’s aged mozzarella, which comes in a cube ready for either slicing or shredding.


This mozzarella is good enough to eat plain, on bread or crackers — it is mild and has a nice authentic texture.


And both cheeses melt beautifully and taste wonderful on pizza (especially with mushrooms, tomatoes, and Field Roast sausage). They’d likely be delicious in any recipe calling for cheddar or mozzarella.


Visit Parmela online for more info on their offerings (and then contact your local stores to get them to carry this stuff).