Daiya Greek-style yogurt

We continue our coverage of vegan yogurts with Daiya Greek-style yogurts, which come in four flavors (peach, strawberry, blueberry, and black cherry).

IMG_2488The first flavor sampled was blueberry — which is insanely purple in color (see ingredients list here) and also delicious. The texture is nice and thick, just as a Greek-style yogurt should be, and it’s smooth and creamy as well.

IMG_2492We also tried Daiya’s Black Cherry flavor, which was also lovely; its tangy flavor was especially good, and it has all the smooth, thick creaminess as well (with none of the psychedelic color).

bc3While these yogurts do contain fruit for flavor, they are not fruit-on-the-bottom types (which I think is a good thing — better to add your own fruit than dredge up fruit that’s been sitting at the bottom of a yogurt cup, right?). Overall, highly recommended for yogurt lovers.

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