Kite Hill Cream Cheese – Chive

This is my new favorite cream cheese. I used to be addicted to Daiya’s chive & onion cream cheese for bagels, but now it’s this Kite Hill variety. I first discovered it nearly two years ago at a Whole Foods when I was traveling, but it wasn’t available near me, so I only enjoyed it the one time. Now that it’s available locally, I haven’t looked back.

img_5770This Kite Hill cream cheese is perfect … light, fluffy, creamy, with a wonderful flavor if you like the chives. It’s delicious and flavorful enough to use on crackers, veggies, and crusty bread.

kite-hillOf all the cream cheeses we’ve reviewed, Kite Hill stands so far above the rest. No longer will we ever have to say “it’s pretty good for a vegan cream cheese” — this is just delicious, period. (Stay tuned for our review of the plain version!)

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