Hail Merry tart – Dark Chocolate

We loved the Hail Merry tart in Vanilla Coconut Creme … but we found Dark Chocolate to be even better, especially for chocolate lovers. This tart is pure decadence: rich, thick, creamy, perfect dark chocolate, with zero bitterness. And the chocolate cookie crust only adds to its all-chocolate, all-the-time goodness. The tart is quite small, … Read more

Bitchin’ Sauce – Cilantro Chili

Bitchin’ Sauce is a wonderful thing, in every flavor we’ve tried so far. But interestingly, while I’m not normally a big cilantro fan, this flavor is among my favorites when it comes to Bitchin’ Sauce. Perhaps because the chili is the predominant flavor here, this variety is spicy and terrific on anything from tortillas to … Read more

Hail Merry tart: Coconut Vanilla Créme

I’ve seen Hail Merry tarts many times in the fridge of the natural food store but haven’t yet given them a try. In a way, that may be a good thing because they are insanely delicious. First we tried the Coconut Vanilla Créme … and anyone who enjoys coconut will love this as much as … Read more

Bitchin’ Sauce – Pesto & Heat

In our continuing coverage of Bitchin’ Sauce, we sampled two new flavors and were very happy with each, as different as they are. We first tried pesto. This sauce is loaded with basil and garlic and is bursting with flavor. It tastes like freshly made pesto sauce and is perfect on Italian bread, with bread … Read more

Forager Cashewgurt – Lemon

It’s been fantastic to see more vegan yogurts out there, and we were recently able to sample Forager‘s cashew-based yogurt in lemon flavor. Forager has a range of delicious-looking products, from pressed vegetable chips to nut-based milks and coffees, and if they are as good as the yogurt, we’ll be very happy. The lemon flavored … Read more