Bitchin’ Sauce – Pesto & Heat

In our continuing coverage of Bitchin’ Sauce, we sampled two new flavors and were very happy with each, as different as they are. We first tried pesto.

This sauce is loaded with basil and garlic and is bursting with flavor. It tastes like freshly made pesto sauce and is perfect on Italian bread, with bread sticks, on bruschetta, or atop a salad.

We also tried Bitchin’s Heat flavor — and discovered that it is very aptly named. While the chipotle is spicy, this is spicy times ten — be prepared!

With its base of almonds and soy, this flavor also features habanero, Tabasco, and ghost pepper, any one of which would add plenty of spice but all three combined create an amazingly hot experience. This sauce is excellent with tortilla chips but because of the heat is also good with veggies.