Hail Merry tart: Coconut Vanilla Créme

I’ve seen Hail Merry tarts many times in the fridge of the natural food store but haven’t yet given them a try. In a way, that may be a good thing because they are insanely delicious.

First we tried the Coconut Vanilla Créme … and anyone who enjoys coconut will love this as much as we did.

The tarts are very small (about the size of one’s palm — a rather small palm), but they are so rich that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although the box reads that the serving size is one, half of a tart is very satisfying.

This variety is topped with light, fluffy coconut shreds and an almond cookie crust. The coconut ganache filling is rich and decadent, and the flavors of coconut and organic vanilla come together beautifully.

Click here to find where you can buy these locally. And stay tuned for our review of the dark chocolate tart (and perhaps many more), coming soon!

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