Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Cheese Slices

I must preface this review by saying that I’m a CHAO Tomato Cayenne kinda guy.

But I think we were low on CHAO at the time and I saw this at the market and decided to give it a go.

Follow Your Heart describes the cheese as:

Blended with green jalapeños and sweet red bell peppers, this creamy cheese will add a zesty kick to your favorite dishes. Our Pepper Jack cheese alternative is great melted in quesadillas and spices up any sandwich.

I probably should have held out for the CHAO.

Keep in mind that I’m a lazy sandwich maker. I just slap a little bread, Tofurkey and fake mayo and dig in.

It’s not a bad cheese, but a bit rubbery for my tastes and not as spicy as I’d like.  Of course, I did eat it all.

And I think it would be worth trying melted in a quesadilla.

But I’ll be sticking with CHAO for now.