Punk Rawk Original Cashew Cheese

We’ve had Punk Rawk Labs cheeses before and enjoyed them so much we always felt all the more disappointed that we didn’t have them available locally – until now! We found four flavors at our local natural-foods store, and we bought some right away, beginning with the original nutmilk cheese.

This variety is, in a word, delicious. It’s got a lovely, savory flavor, and is very creamy and perfectly textured. Despite it being a “plain” flavor, it doesn’t need any dressing up; it is perfect for crackers and on bread. And one of the best things about this cheese is that there are only four ingredients: organic cashews, water, culture, salt.

Based in Minneapolis, Punk Rawk Labs is owned and operated by three women: a scientist turned raw chef, a record store owner, and a nutritionist; learn more about them here. And if you can’t find these magnificent cheeses locally, you can order online.