Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto Sauce

While this did begin solely as a cheese-tasting blog, we’ve clearly ventured beyond (what else could we do, with so many delicious vegan foods out there?). Thanks to an awesome vegan cashier at our local Trader Joe’s, we were introduced to this vegan pesto sauce, made with basil, kale, and cashews.

She said we would love it, and she was absolutely right. This pesto is pretty near perfection, for vegans and omnivores alike.

Perhaps the best thing of all is how easily one can make a meal out of this … simply add to your favorite pasta. It’s rich, bursting with pesto and garlic, and the cashews add that lovely creaminess without the dairy. (It’s a bonus to have the healthy kale, but we didn’t taste it at all…so for those who don’t like kale, don’t worry; the presence of kale is not at all obvious. You’d never know it was there.)

The only thing missing is our beloved Follow Your Heart parmesan, which has mysteriously disappeared from every supermarket in our state. But this pesto is so good, we actually survived, lived to talk about it, and enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks to Trader Joe’s for making this and so many other delicious vegan items, and please keep them coming!