Punk Rawk Herb Cashew Cheese

Punk Rawk Labs has some of the very best vegan cheese out there, and so naturally we plan on trying every flavor. Today, it’s herb.

This is as creamy and rich as the original but with a nice herby flavor; no one spice stands out but the overall effect is pleasing, and it’s perfect with crackers or bread. As with most of these cheeses, there are very few ingredients: organic cashews, water, culture, salt, herbs

Visit Punk Rawk Labs for more info and where to buy.

2 thoughts on “Punk Rawk Herb Cashew Cheese”

  1. They’re based in Minneapolis and are my hometown favorite!! Did you try the Nacho flavor yet? It’s the BEST thing to happen to tacos since guacamole!!!

    • YES! That will be up soon…Nacho is AMAZING and it’s my favorite, too. I remember first hearing about Punk Rawk from you, and we were so happy to see it served at a Farm Sanctuary event in Northern California, then blown away to find it at our local store here in Oregon. It’s the best. We’re addicted.

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