Field Roast FRuffalo Wings

I first came across Field Roast when I lived in Seattle (it was a local start-up at the time) and have watched the company flourish and grow since then. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of the Tomato Cayenne CHAO slices.

So I was curious to give their FRuffalo Wings a go. I took me a few minutes to figure out why they capitalize the FR in FRuffalo Wings — the FR stands for Field Roast.

Anyway, I have to first say that I did not cook these the recommended way – in a frying pan with oil. Instead, I baked them, which resulted in a less-crisp batch of wings. And perhaps less photogenic wings:

The bag comes with sauce that you heat up and then douse over the wings. It was sufficiently spicy enough to elicit a cough or two — my barometer of spiciness.

And I have to say the wings were quite tasty — they are basically the Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage sausages.

I’d recommend this as a quick and easy meal — only took about twenty minutes.

And if you want an alternative to frozen, you could simply buy the sausages and use Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

PS: The wings were quite tasty with vegan ranch from Follow Your Heart: