Forager Cashewgurt – Strawberry & Blueberry

After enjoying Forager’s lemon-flavored cashewgurt, we tried the strawberry and blueberry flavors as well.

Strawberry is even better than lemon, with a much more authentic-tasting fruit flavor.

It’s also perfectly creamy and has a wonderful consistency. We enjoyed it very much mixed in with granola, for its creamy texture and lovely flavor.

Forager’s wild blueberry is also similarly delicious. And overall, these organic cashew-based yogurts have a bit less sugar than other vegan yogurts (both the strawberry and wild blueberry have 12 grams per serving, compared to 13 to 18 grams in other flavored vegan yogurts).

We have been thrilled to find Forager yogurt in our own local stores (finally!), and look forward to seeing only the yogurts but their myriad other products as well.