Cocomels Caramels: Original & Vanilla

One of the things I missed so much when first becoming vegan was caramel candy (well, caramel everything…but especially the candy). So imagine my joy upon discovering Cocomels, which I first found in Portland’s vegan store Food Fight! and which I had to order online when I ran out after visiting Portland — but they are now available at our local health-food store.

The original “caramels,” which are made using coconut milk, are delicious — chewy, creamy, sugary, and they melt in your mouth and stick to your teeth (as they should.) However,  according to one taster who does not like coconut, they have too much coconut flavor.

The vanilla flavor is very similar to original, with just a hint of vanilla , and the sea-salt flavor is lovely if you love salt. All of these varieties are probably not appealing to one who dislikes the taste of coconut…but Cocomels also makes an espresso-flavored caramel, which may have less coconut flavor (we have yet to try these but will aim to do so very soon!).

If you visit the website, you’ll see that in addition to “naked Cocomels,” Cocomel Bites are now in existence (dark-chocolate covered caramels, which sound almost too good to be true, in both sea-salt and vanilla flavors), as well as little square chocolate-covered caramels. These, too, we hope to try shortly. Stay tuned.