Miyoko’s Sensational Scallion Cream Cheese: Not so sensational

Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen, has been called the “queen of vegan cheese,” and for good reason.

I love her cheese wheels and butter and sing her praises everywhere I go.

Whenever I talk to non-vegans about cheese, I recommend her cheeses because they are always shocked at how good they are.

But I won’t be recommending the Sensational Scallion Cream Cheese.

As readers know, I’ve been on an endless search for the perfect cream cheese. Last week I reviewed Leaf Cuisine plain cream cheese.

That cream cheese used coconut oil, resulting in a too-sweet taste.

Sadly, Miyoko’s cream cheese also relies on coconut oil and is also too sweet.

If this were plain or strawberry cream cheese, a little sweetness would not be a bad thing.

But scallion cream cheese is supposed to have a nice salty, spicy kick.

So my search for the perfect cream cheese continues…


2 thoughts on “Miyoko’s Sensational Scallion Cream Cheese: Not so sensational”

  1. Agree 100%. I’ve been a Miyoko fan since 2013 when I lived in Southern California. But the Scallion Cream Cheese is not good at all. At first I thought it had soured or gone bad. Turns out, it’s just not very welcoming to the taste buds.

    Have you tried the Violife Cream Cheese? I add onions/peppers/veg and make a delicious spread.

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