Parmela Alfredo Pasta Sauce

This was discovered at one of our local stores, much to our surprise and delight. Parmela makes some very good cheeses, and we had no idea that this Alfredo sauce was among its creations.

Of all the pasta sauces out there, Alfredo is the most challenging to veganize — and while we felt Victoria’s didn’t quite hit the mark, Parmela gets it very close.

This Alfredo sauce is not as rich as it probably could be, but it’s nevertheless thick and creamy, and it has a wonderful light cheesy-creamy flavor. It was delicious with penne and would probably be even better with fettuccine. When we found this, our favorite Parmesan wasn’t available, but we know we would’ve loved it with the now-finally-back-in-our-local-grocery Follow Your Heart Parmesan. We look forward to trying this sauce again, when we can enjoy the entire meal covered in vegan Parmesan.