Forager Project greens (aka chips)

Forager Project has a range of products (you may have already tried their yogurt), and for the first time we found another product in our local co-op: chips! Since it’s always exciting to find new vegan junk food, we immediately brought this bag of Forager Greens home to try.

For better or worse, this isn’t exactly a junk food — it’s quite a healthy snack. As you’ll see on the Forager Project website, these vegetable chips come in such flavors as “cheezy,” chipotle bbq, and wasabi — and the ones we sampled are plain. A bit too plain, perhaps…they feel healthy and have a nice crunch, but they’re not very salty and don’t have as much flavor as we’d like in a chip.

What’s interesting is that Forager makes these chips using the pulp harvested from juicing — veggies include cucumber, spinach, kale, collards, and celery — and the good news is that they’re organic, non-GMO, and, of course, vegan. There are also plenty of seeds and grains, from sesame seeds to red quinoa. You can taste the veggies in every bite …  but for a snack food, a bit more flavor would be even better. We look forward to sampling the other versions that seem to have a bit more kick.