Beanfields chips in Nacho and Jalapeño Nacho

We’ve long been fans of Beanfields chips, so it’s about time for a post about these scrumptious, all-vegan snacks. Finding the new Jalapeño Nacho flavor at our local store convinced us that a shopping spree and review was necessary (we’re here to serve, after all).

Let’s begin by saying we’ve been addicted to Beanfields Nacho chips for quite some time. They are not only delicious and satisfyingly nacho-cheesy, but since they are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO , they seem so much healthier than a regular bag of chips (not that we’d care; they are that good).

So when we saw Jalapeño Nacho at our local store, we had to try this flavor, too. (It’s not clear whether it’s new or just new to our local grocery; either way, we’re happy to see it.)

This flavor is as tasty and cheesy as the regular nacho style but with much more of a kick. For those who don’t like insanely spicy foods, the jalapeño is not overwhelming; these chips are simply a bit spicier than the original nacho.

As you can see, they even look healthy; these chips are made from a variety of beans and rice, and contain no corn at all. They tend to be slightly less crispy than many corn or potato chips but with so much flavor it’s hardly a downside.