Cocomel Bites: Vanilla & Sea Salt

We are already huge fans of Cocomels (best vegan caramels ever!), and were beyond thrilled to find these chocolate-covered bites in our local grocery. What could be better than vegan caramel covered in vegan chocolate? Well, not much. These little balls of caramel covered in chocolate are delicious, and all too easy to eat. Made … Read more

Cocoyo Coconut Yogurt

I was intrigued about this CocoYo yogurt because I noticed it has so much less sugar than the other vegan yogurts I enjoy (click here for some info on sugar content on various delicious yogurts we’ve reviewed). By contrast, this vanilla coconut yogurt has one gram of sugar (a fraction of other brands). On the … Read more

Hail Merry Chocolate Almond Butter & Meyer Lemon Cups

The only thing that is even slightly wrong with these decadent Hail Merry cups is that they’re small … but that’s hardly a downside, since they’re so rich that these little bites are just the perfect amount. The chocolate almond butter cups will remind you of peanut-butter cups, but they are so much more: much … Read more

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