Cocoyo Coconut Yogurt

I was intrigued about this CocoYo yogurt because I noticed it has so much less sugar than the other vegan yogurts I enjoy (click here for some info on sugar content on various delicious yogurts we’ve reviewed). By contrast, this vanilla coconut yogurt has one gram of sugar (a fraction of other brands). On the other hand, it has 8 grams of saturated fat (other brands have a lot less).

Perhaps one reason there is so little sugar is that this yogurt is not sweet … it’s tangy and a little sour, so it’s a very different experience from other popular vegan yogurts.

And, as you can see in the photo below, it’s not smooth and creamy like the other plant-based yogurts we’ve reviewed.

However, if you like tangy, it’s delicious when mixed in with fruit to add a little sweetness. So far it comes in three flavors: Pure, Vanilla, and Ginger Tumeric. (We sampled vanilla, which doesn’t seem to have any vanilla flavor at all.)

GT’s, The company that makes CocoYo, is known for its kombucha and other probiotic products, and as the website boasts of its yogurt, “Each light, fluffy spoonful of this tangy treat offers billions of living probiotics that can help to maintain a healthy gut.” So this is a great choice for those who want a good dose of probiotics in their yogurt.

When in the mood for yogurt, I might opt for one of the tastier yogurts reviewed here, but I do love having this healthier, if not quite as decadent version, available as well.