Cocomel Bites: Vanilla & Sea Salt

We are already huge fans of Cocomels (best vegan caramels ever!), and were beyond thrilled to find these chocolate-covered bites in our local grocery.

What could be better than vegan caramel covered in vegan chocolate? Well, not much.

These little balls of caramel covered in chocolate are delicious, and all too easy to eat. Made with coconut milk, the caramels are wonderful (learn more here), and covering them with chocolate only adds to the joy.  (They are organic, too.)

The sea salt bites were too salty for one of us, but just right for the other … if you love salt, you’ll love the salty variety. For those who prefer sweet, the vanilla bites are perfect. Just don’t expect to be able to eat just one or two … these need to be consumed by the handful. Or bagful.