Benevolent Bacon: Not quite ready for prime time

I tried to follow the directions.

Perhaps I didn’t use the right sized skillet. Perhaps I misinterpreted what “lightly oiled” meant. I don’t know.

The directions said to cook two minutes per side or until the desired crispness. Only I never managed to achieve any degree of crispness. I gave up after five minutes per side.

The flavor is perfectly fine — it has a decent smokiness to it — but the bacon itself was crumbly and, well, just not crispy. It worked fine on a sandwich for flavor only, not so much for texture.

So I’m sad to say I can’t recommend this fakin’ bacon.


2 thoughts on “Benevolent Bacon: Not quite ready for prime time”

  1. Well, none of the vegan bacons similar to this one are actually crisp so I use them mostly for the flavor, which I think is pretty good. I’ve always wondered why the directions reference crispness also. For crispness I find that coconut bacon is the best .

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