So Delicious Cashew Milk

We’ve tried a lot of plant-based milks over the years (mostly for recipes like cakes and soups) and haven’t reviewed any of them yet because none has been really worth writing about … until now.

This cashew milk from So Delicious is very good. Most plant-based milks are great for recipes, and almond milks are wonderful in smoothies, but not a single one has stood out as being yummy on cereal, or even by the glass. Yet this cashew milk is smooth, creamy, and quite tasty.  We’d gotten it for a recipe, hence the unsweetened version, but it was actually good enough to drink plain.

The So Delicious cashew milks are unsweetened, and while we had the plain version, we look forward to trying vanilla, which we imagine will be even tastier (and, like the plain variety, still has zero grams of sugar).

While milk is not one of those foods I’ve missed at all as a vegan, it’s still refreshing to know there’s a brand out there that is creamy and perfect for all the things you may want in a milk. (And, it was perfect for our mushroom soup recipe, too.)