CoYo Vanilla Coconut Yogurt

When we saw this new brand of vegan yogurt at the local grocer, CoYo, we were intrigued. We’re always looking for a good yogurt that’s not swimming with sugar…and this one is nothing short of amazing.

CoYo has many delicious-looking flavors, and we began with vanilla. The great news about CoYo is that there is not as much sugar as in other leading vegan brands. The less-great news is that the calories and fat contents are higher. One serving (150 grams) of another favorite yogurt, Silk’s peach mango, has 17 grams of sugar, but only 140 calories and only 3.5 grams of fat. The same serving of vanilla CoYo has only 6 grams of sugar but has 360 calories and 35 grams of fat. However, just like the sugary but delicious Silk yogurt, this yogurt from CoYo is worth every bite … and without all the added sugars, it’s much easier to enjoy. (Click here to see the very short ingredient list and nutrition info.)

The yogurt is smooth and creamy, rich and decadent, and this handcrafted coconut-milk yogurt also contains probiotic cultures. It’s terrific to eat on its own (not unlike a bowl of ice cream; it’s that good), but I had it with museli and almonds, and it was perfect.

CoYo’s founder, originally from Fiji, founded the company in Australia and has since brought CoYo to the U.S. We are very glad about this. No other coconut yogurt stands up to this one. There is a natural variety, which can probably be used in recipes that call for yogurt, and other flavors include chocolate, mixed berry, and mango. And yes, we plan to try every last one of them … so stay tuned.