CoYo Mango Coconut Yogurt

Shortly after sampling CoYo’s vanilla coconut yogurt, we saw another flavor on sale at our local food co-op: mango.

This flavor looks like one of those fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts when you first open it:

However, upon stirring I discovered there’s no fruit, just a mango puree — which, for me, is perfect since I love a smooth yogurt — and this one mixes up perfectly to create a lovely rich, creamy texture.

This variety’s mango flavor is quite subtle — the overwhelming flavor here is still coconut. For those who love coconut, this is hardly a problem, though for those who are looking for a strong mango flavor or who don’t like coconut, this wouldn’t be your best choice (try instead Silk’s Peach and Mango yogurt, which is very fruity).

Also, despite a lack of strong mango flavor, this variety has twice as much sugar (12 grams) as the vanilla bean flavor, which is just as delicious (note that this isn’t added sugar; it’s natural sugar from the fruit). So those who are watching sugar intake may be just as happy with the vanilla since the mango flavor isn’t very strong anyway.

Because CoYo also currently has chocolate, mixed berries, and “natural” flavors, I’m eager to try them to see whether they all taste the same. Either way, this yogurt is still a great vegan choice for those who love coconut.