No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ: Far easier and tastier than the real thing

Being from St. Louis, I was raised on barbecue. But not on pulled pork. Pork chops was about as fancy as I ever got.

And yet when I saw the packaging for No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ, I felt compelled to give it a try.

I mean, how can you not want to support the folks to create something like this:

After opening the package, you get this very important reminder of just how important a plant-based diet is to saving this planet.

Now, how does it taste?

Damn fine. And it only took about ten minutes to whip up on the stove.

And for all you meat eaters out there: Why waste time with a smoker or slow cooker when you can dish this up in just a few minutes?

As the packaging says: Clear the Air. Eat Plant Meat!