E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Cookies: Oatmeal Dark Chocolate

These were discovered by one of our tasters at our local Costco — and anything sweet, chocolatey, and vegan is always worth trying.

These “heavenly hunks” got mixed reviews among us: Our original taster didn’t like them, despite a fondness for coconut, and our next taster (me) thought they were very good — sweet enough to be a cookie but with enough oats to make you feel a little less indulgent about eating several of them at once. They are a large biteful (in a good way), and have a nice chewy texture.

Our third taster didn’t care for them either, partly because of the hint of coconut and also because of a slightly chemical aftertaste. We also shared them with several non-vegans, and except for those who don’t like coconut, all of them enjoyed these thick, chocolatey cookies.

So, with two out of three tasters voting thumbs-down, you may not want to buy the giant-sized Costco version, but E&C’s does have other sizes and varieties available (check to make sure they are vegan).